Why Choose Our Practice?

Why Choose Our Practice

Here are just a few things that make our practice unique:

Health. Comfort.  Function. Aesthetics

Dr. Burnham and his team are passionate about helping their community obtain a health and functional smile through education, prevention and healthier lifestyle choices.

A team approach to achieving your ideal smile.

Our team’s core strength lies within our ability to first listen and relate to your desired goals and second, to diagnose and educate you about your oral healthcare needs.  In some cases, you may find that your immediate health needs to no always align with what you desire aesthetically with your smile.  This means of course, that every aspect of our team’s communication with you matters and is ultimately how we earn your trust, allowing us to customize a treatment plan unique to you, addressing both your health needs and your personal desires. 

Give us a call today! You’ll be happy you chose us for your periodontal and implant needs!